PRACTICE Changes / NO Practice

Monday, February 15, 2016We will hold a 3:30 swim practice for High School District Qualifiers ONLY!!!NO OTHER PRACTICES WILL TAKE PLACE THIS DAY!!! Everyone else – relax, recoup, and get ready to finish off our season strong!!! 

I have changed it so it applies to competitive swimming.
The following six sentences sum up swim practice as well as anything can.

Come to practice, get better, have fun - Love, Coach Sue

If you practice, you get better.

If you get better, you practice with better swimmers.
If you practice with better swimmers, you swim better races.
If you swim better races, you have more fun.
If you have fun, you want to practice more.
If you practice more, you get better...

Practicing Summed Up in Six Sentences
by Doug Ye

This quote is from Doug Yeo, the former bass trombonist for the Boston Symphony.

Other Important Y Neptune Meet Dates
2015-16 Y Neptune Dual Meet Dates

2015-16 Season "At-A-Glance"

October 24, 2015  Neptunes AWAY @ North Canton

November 7, 2015  Neptunes AWAY @ Cuyahoga Falls

November 21, 2015  Neptunes HOME v/s Tuscarawas

December 5, 2015  Neptunes HOME v/s Geauga

January 9, 2016  Neptunes HOME v/s David

January 23, 2016  Neptunes AWAY @ Ridgewood

Divisionals - February 6, 2016 @ Spire Institute
Y Neptunes Presidentials -
Sun, February 14, 2016 @ Y.S.U. 
League's - March 5, 2016 @ Cleveland State University
Zone's - March 18, 19 & 20, 2016 @
C.T. Branin, Canton, OH
National's - March - April, 2016 @ TBA
Welcome to the YMCA of Youngstown
"Neptunes" Swim Team!

Please Contact: Head Coach Sue Nutter


Cell Call/Text: (330) 692-2447

Interested in Swimming with Y Neptunes?

Y Neptune Swim Team
2015-16 Season
We SWIM at 
the YMCA of Youngstown.

Central YMCA
17 N. Champion St.
Youngstown, Ohio 44503

Phone: (330) 744-8411
The Y Neptunes compete in the North East Ohio YMCA Swim League.
We are also a USA Swimming Member.